zhen – game jam

On August 20th 2019 Micheal Feldman, Darexi and I wrapped up the game jam with a Tower of Defense game called Zhen. (He did most of the work, I just did the audio.)

“Zhen is a Tower Defense Game with Top-Down RPG Elements. This vertical was produced over a period of 48 hours for the Score Space Game Jam.”

It was an excellent learning experience. I dabbled in folley and wrote some ambient music / sounds. The guys did all the rest of the hard work.

Play the game here:

the music

beginning and end – game jam

I’ve always wanted to make my own video games. On a whim, I teamed up with a couple of guys on the weekly game jam discord server.

On Aug 6th 2019… myself, Darexi and Marques and we were tasked to make a game with “a sad ending.” Apprehensive and anxious about a call with two dudes I’ve never met that live across the globe, I made the call and we got to work.

Unfortunately Marques had a family issue and he had to do his thing. We picked up another 3d artist named Micheal Feldman and he helped us make it to the finish line for the game.

For my first game jam I am indeed proud and glad I stuck around to the end.

That game: Beginning and End.

Writing a few tracks for the game inspired me to write a new ambient album which you can listen to here:

Gameplay demo

Play the game here: