Below are some examples of my audio work. I’m always looking for new game and film projects. Email me if you want to work together.

Video Game Example Work

Alien Freaks From Outer Space (Inspired by the game GoNNER)
Style: IDM, Chiptune, Synth
Description: Adventure, Intense, Weird

Fez (Inspired by the game Fez)
Style: Ambient, Synth, Chill
Description: Intro, Peaceful

Super Charnochi Chan
Style: Chiptune
Description: Intro, Exciting, Theme Song

Style: Chiptune
Description: Theme Song, Menu, Action

Style: Chiptune
Description: Intro, Theme Song, Ambient, Chill

Footin’ It
Style: Synthwave, Outrun, 80’s
Description: Montage, Title